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heyimspook's More Armor & Tools Mod [Forge/Fabric]


Current mod version: v2.0.2 for Minecraft 1.19 on Forge or Fabric

Introducing "heyimspook's More Armor & Tools Mod", a mod for Fabric and Forge that adds ten extra varieties of armor and tool crafting recipes for various materials! You can now create sets of armor and tools out of:
- Redstone
- Copper
- Emerald
- Prismarine
- Lapis Lazuli
- Amethyst 
- Obsidian  
Nether Quartz 
Wood (armor only)


Benefits of each armor set:

Wooden: Provides a cheap alternative to iron or chainmail armor without having to kill those adorable little horses and cows for leather. You can craft this armor set with any variant of wooden planks. 

Redstone: Slightly stronger than stone, redstone armor and tools are good for getting decent enchantments while still at a low level of xp. This armor and toolset is crafted using redstone chunks, which are made by putting 4 redstone in a crafting table in a 2x2 shape. 

Copper: Ever wondered why copper doesn't have its own set of armor and tools? Wonder no more! Copper armor may not be quite as strong as iron but it gives you luck if you wear the entire set at once! The tools are also pretty decent, so I've heard...

Emerald: Emerald tools have slightly faster attack speeds, giving a small edge in combat, while the armor has a tiny 0.5 toughness value for some extra protection at a low cost. The entire set also has durability somewhere between iron and diamond, making it a good set to bridge the gap.

Prismarine: If you don't feel like searching for minerals, look no further than prismarine armor and tools, which can be made from prismarine shards farmed from the oogly booglies in the ocean! Feel free to create your own version of Atlantis and have a set of armor and tools to match the theme! This set lies between stone and iron in terms of durability. 

Lapis Lazuli: Slightly more durable than stone (and equal to redstone), lapis lazuli armor and tools make up for what they lack in durability with extreme enchantability, meaning you can get the best enchantments with the lowest cost to your precious xp levels. This armor and toolset is crafted using lapis lazuli chunks, which are made by putting 4 lapis lazuli in a crafting table in a 2x2 shape.

Amethyst: With more durability than iron, but less than obsidian and diamond, amethyst tools have slightly more attack damage than iron, but the armor protects slightly less than iron. 

Obsidian: Less durable and powerful than diamond, obsidian is a more easily accessible material for a fairly hardy set of armor and tools, only requiring some lava and water to create; smelt blocks of obsidian into refined obsidian crystals, which are used to make this dark-colored set. It gives plenty of knockback resistance, on one hand, but on the other, the tools' attack speeds are all lower, and it isn't fireproof like Netherite is. 

Nether Quartz: The same durability as iron, nether quartz armor and tools are made from nether quartz prisms (six nether quartz shaped like a tower in a crafting table) and ensure that you don't have to journey back to the Overworld for a decent set of tools and armor!

Thanks for reading this page; it'd be greatly appreciated if you were to download the mod. If you do, I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to comment below about any suggestions or bugs you find. Thanks again!