Eccentric Biomes

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More info about the announcement:

So I don't really do modding stuff much anymore. I don't really have time for it because I'm focusing on game development stuff, and Minecraft updates too frequently that I have to keep relearning stuff because they constantly change and optimize things. I have also changed my online handle to Nulcheck. Click the link above to read more about that.

TL;DR: I've stopped modding for the time being, maybe some day in the future I'll pick this back up again. I would love to continue this, I still have a bunch of ideas, but I just don't have the time right now.


Eccentric (ik-sen-trick):

- Unusual, strange, bizarre.


Crazy biome generation, but also adds some more blocks and a few items. Bunch of new biomes random and weird (Not all, some are just nice ones). Also adds more mobs for specific biomes. Now has a multibiome dimension!


Modpacks and reviews:

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