Eccentric Biomes

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Glass Shard

Glass shard in hand with the sharpness enchantment.

Dymus Blocks

Fancy blocks made from an item called "Dymus". The slabs work with the chisel from the IDT mod and can go vertical.

Bone Biome

The bone biome in the day time.

Glassland Biome

Glassland biome with it's glass trees.

High Lands Biome

High Lands biome with cyan grass and big mushrooms.

Obsidian Forest Biome

Obsidian Forest biome with the multicolored grass and tall obsidian pillars.

Flamage Biome

Flamage biome with magma cubes.

Arctic Biome

Arctic Biome with all it's snow and ice.

Void to Arctic Biomes

The transition between the Void and Arctic Biomes. Looks cool.

Void Biome

Void Biome with floating water.

Bone Tree

A bone tree.

Glass Tree

A glass tree.

Autil Field Biome

The Autil Field biome.

Autil Blocks

Autil decorations blocks, with the chisel from the IDT mod (For slabs).


The Amethyst biome.

Death Forest

The Death Forest biome.

Dead Land

The Dead Land biome.


The new hive biome from 1.5 update.

Amethyst Grove

The new amethyst grove biome from the 1.5 update.