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Easy Steel & More is designed for vanilla+ play, respecting the supremacy of Diamond/Netherite and providing the player with additional choices for tools, weapons, and armor.  Provides a fuller range of materials between stone and diamond. Also provides sets of special tools to fell trees, 3x3 mining and 3x3 digging.


- (3) ores are added to world generation (cassiterite, rutile, and wolframite)

- Crack Hammer for basic ore doubling and making powders

- Flint - made from Sharp Flint

- Bronze - made from copper and tin

- Steel - made from iron and carbon

- Titanium Alloy - made from titanium and carbon

- Hardened Steel - made from steel and more carbon

- Tungsten-Carbide - made from tungsten and carbon

- Vanilla Style Tools: sword, pickaxe, axe, shovel, hoe, bow, and crossbow

- Excavator - a 3x3 shovel

- Hammer - a 3x3 pickaxe

- Paxel - combines an Axe, Shovel, & Pickaxe

- TreeAxe - attempts to bring down an entire tree
** Materials and tool values can be adjusted to your liking in the config



The Crack Hammer will be an important tool!  Use it in a crafting table on vanilla and Easy Steel ores and it will yield (2) powdered ores.   Works on coal, iron, gold, diamond, emerald, copper, tin, titanium, and tungsten.   If ore blocks from other mods have proper Forge ore tags, it will work on those as well.

Make Steel with powders or ingots, you choose:


- Four ores are added to world generation: Cassiterite (tin), Rutile (titanium), and Wolframite (tungsten); ores can be disabled in the config

- Carbon is obtained by using a crack hammer with coal/charcoal in a crafting table

- Bronze is made by mixing copper and tin powders (3x1) in crafting table and processing the Raw Bronze in a regular Furnace

- Steel is made by mixing carbon powder and iron powder in crafting table and processing the Raw Steel in a Blast Furnance

- Titanium Alloy is made by mixing carbon powder and titanium powder in crafting table and processing the Raw Titanium Alloy in a Blast Furnance

- Hardened Steel is made by mixing raw steel and carbon powder in crafting table and processing the Raw Hardened Steel in a Blast Furnance

- Tungsten-Carbide is made by mixing tungsten powder and carbon powder in crafting table and processing the Raw Tungsten_Carbide in a Blast Furnance

- Crack Hammer provides ore doubling for copper, tin, tungsten, iron, gold, diamond, and emerald.


- Starting in a biome with exposed stone is helpful since ores may be exposed on the surface

- Use a Hand Shovel to gather Sharp Flint to make flint tools.  Use on Gravel blocks, random chance to get either flint or sharp flint.

- Carbon Powders are obtained by crafting Coal with a Crack Hammer

- Iron Nuggets can be crafted into Iron Links, which can be crafted into vanilla Chain Mail