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This mod lets you pick up adult piglins as an item. There is also a block that automates bartering.


See also: Easy Villagers


The Piglin Item

The piglin item can be obtained by sneaking and right-clicking an adult piglin.

Note that you can only pick up piglins if they are not busy or aggressive.

The piglin item can be placed by right-clicking on the ground.

The Barterer Block

The barterer block allows to automatically barter with piglins without having to deal with capturing it. This block can also be used in other dimensions without the piglins converting to zobified piglins.

Simply put the bartering item into the input slot or pipe it in with a hopper.

The bartered items will appear in one of the output slots. They can also be sucked out by hoppers.

It takes exactly 120 ticks (6 seconds) for one barter.

You can take piglins out of the barterer, by sneaking and right-clicking the block with an empty hand.

The barterer keeps its stuff inside if it is broken.