Easy Pickings

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Easy Pickings is a mod for Minecraft Forge which adds back some features which are missing from old versions of mods.


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Passive Flowers

Returns the functionality of Botania's Daybloom and Nightshade, passive mana-generating flowers which were removed in recent versions. Mana generation works only with Botania installed (obviously), but the flowers are useable for decoration with or without other mods.

Botania's dayblooms.


Unstable Goo

Adds "Unstable Goo", a remake of Extra Utilities' Unstable Ingots which explodes violently after 10 seconds in the inventory. This can be used in crafting recipes without issue, adding a new level of urgency to difficult processes.

 Unstable goo in a crater.


Infused Fires

Fire images

This adds 7 types of infused fires, 6 based on the old Thaumic Tinkerer fires and one based on Factorization's Wrath Fire. The blocks transmuted by these fires are fully configurable using a handy forge config. While they will happily eat your world if left unchecked, Infused fires have one weakness: The command /gamerule extinguishImbuedFires true. This will cause infused fires to dissipate rather than spread, saving your world from any further "upgrades".


An example of the fire's usage:


Climbing Rocks

Rocks for climbing. Very handy little things if you can control them.


Chicken Bombs

This video is all the explanation you could ever want or need.





 Are there any "imbalanced" or "overpowered" ideas removed from mods that you would like to see return? Tell me about them and I might just add it. I'll also do other dumb ideas that seem fun.




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