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Easy NPCs allows a simplified setup for custom NPCs with dialogs for map maker and other mods.

✨ Features

  • Providing easy NPCs with basic dialogs and a easy setup.
  • Easy Action configuration with debug option.
  • Skin configuration with player name and URL support.
  • Server and client friendly.
  • No additional dependencies.
  • API support / integration for other mods (WIP).

🧪 Fabric Beta Version

The current Fabric Beta version presents some limitations and is not yet feature-complete. These include:

  • Absence of a configuration UI
  • Non-functionality of the Easy NPC Wand
  • Limited support for other mods

Despite these constraints, the Fabric Beta version remains fully functional. Users can create and configure NPCs with dialogs via the Forge version, and subsequently export them for utilization in the Fabric version.

Mod Integration

Armourer's Workshop

Easy NPC provides a basic integration for Armourer's Workshop to use the skins from the library.

Epic Fight Mod

Easy NPC provides a basic integration for Epic Fight Mod to use the animations and models from the mod. The integration is done over an external mod called Easy NPC Epic Fight Mod.


Just spawn a NPC with the corresponding spawn egg and click with your empty hand on the spawned NPC. If you need to adjust the existing dialog, just click with your empty hand and crouching on the NPC.

⬆️ Upgrading

Please make sure to check the upgrade guide before upgrading/updating to a new version.

ℹ️ More Information

Please check the wiki for additional information.

🐛 Report Issues, Bugs, Crashes or Feature Requests

Please report issues and feature requests over the issues link. I'm happy to help you.

🫶 Support me

If you enjoy using my creations, consider supporting my development! ☕️ Donations via Patreon and Ko-fi are immensely helpful, but not required (my mods are free and open-source!). Every bit helps me keep creating mods in my free time, covering software, services, and hardware costs.

⚖️ License

The MIT LICENSE applies only to the code in this repository. Images, models and other assets are explicitly excluded.