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Provides standard sets of armor, tools, and weapons that are between vanilla Iron and Diamond. No ores are added to you world generation, all materials are crafted from vanilla ingredients. Also provides sets of special tools to fell trees, 3x3 mining and 3x3 digging.

- Materials: emerald,  ruby, obsidian, copper, and amethyst

- Vanilla Style Tools: sword, pickaxe, axe, shovel, hoe, and bow

- Excavator - a 3x3 shovel

- Hammer - a 3x3 pickaxe

- Paxel - combines an Axe, Shovel, & Pickaxe

- TreeAxe - attempts to bring down an entire tree

- Area tools for vanilla wood, iron, gold, diamond, and netherite

- Emerald Potato of Health - nutritious spud that provides Night Vision, Regeneration, and Saturation for a short time

- Ruby Potato of Battle - nutritious spud that provides Resistance, Strength, and Fire Resistance for a short time

- Amethyst Potato of Luck - nutritious spud that provides Luck for a short time

- Emerald Juju - Provides water breathing while in inventory

- Rudy Juju - Provides fire protection while in inventory

- Amethyst Juju - Provides night vision while in inventory

** Materials and tool values can be adjusted to your liking in the config

 Making Ruby

Use the Smithing Table to get Upgrades: