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Earth Mobs Mod


Earth Mobs Mod Contains a few amount of content from the spin-off game Minecraft Earth, whilst giving it's own twist on gameplay!

Also Extra Earth Like Mob Add Too! 

(need Bagus Lib ! )


Muddy Pig

-A variant created from pigs, that frolics in a Mud fluid, can be obtained in a bucket
-When muddy, it will have a tulip-shaped flower on their head, which is correspond to any vanilla dye color, and yep, it can be sheared. It's another source of dye


-but be careful. when muddy pig in the water. turn to normal pig :(




Moobloom and Moolip

-A friendly mob that spawns within the Flower Forests biome
-Can be sheared similar to Mooshrooms, dropping their buttercups for the player's own intentions of regeneration
-You can create suspicious stews from moobloom and moolip! (The effect is ... enjoyment after eating)
-Have a totally awesome relationship with bees (WIP)



-A friendly mob that spawns alongside Mooshrooms in the mushroom biomes

-Sometimes lays Smelly Eggs. Which when thrown gives 5 seconds of slowness, and the chance of a baby Cluckshroom
-Leaves a trail of red mushrooms where it walks (Only within low light levels)
-Can be sheared back into a regular chicken, giving a couple of red mushrooms back just like it's cow counterpart would





-This terrifying spider, protected by bones, spawns on terrifying biomes such as dark forests.

-When it finds an enemy, it blows a piece of bone out of its mouth

-Furthermore, it affects its own effect, and the bone shard that it shoots also has an effect.(1.17~)

-Bone Spider Eye can make new potion! (It called Undead Body Potion! You turn to undead!)

Bouldering Zombie

-This scary zombie can spawn on mountain type biome

-When even you on the high place. they climb up for you!

-resistance from knockback



-This smelly zombie spawn on every overworld biome for rare chance

-When he found you. he throw rotten flesh! yike!


Skeleton Wolf(1.18.2-1.1.0~)

-basically spawn the forest in the night like rare monster

-This monster wolf is strong and tough!

-Unlike ordinary wolf, you can tame and heal them with bones (oh also eat rotten flesh in 4.0.0~)

-but be careful! At night, stay away from the skeleton wolf you don't tamed them!

-Also In the soul valley you can find wither skeleton wolf!



-This Big Rabbit spawn forest and desert and plain

-Big Health but more rabbit hide source!

-You can get alway Rabbit Foot from them


Tropical Slime(1.18.2-1.1.0~)

-This slime is a monster that stores energy by putting fish inside.

-They spawn in the ocean and can swim in the sea

-When slayed them. fish is released!

-also put fish in the slime when tropical fish bucket has

-you can put those on bucket!(only small size)

-drop tropical ball. when eat it, increase your air(usefull in under water)


Zombifiled Pig(1.19.2-4.0.0)

-When pig hurt by lightning. turn to Zombified Pig!

-they do not hurt us even you hurt them

-but Waste your meat farm....


-This small version's ghast lived crimson forest

-you can tame with Crimson Root or Crimson Fungus

-This from Minecraft Dungeons!

-but don't angry them! they shoot small fire ball!


Ruby and Ruby Trade(1.20.4-16.0.0~)

sometime you can found the ruby in archaeology or something

If you can found ruby you can ruby trade with Wandering Trader!

It include random supplies and some mobs egg(not spawn egg)



And more....!






(Lead artist)


(Lead coder)


Farcr & MCVinnyq

(Former artists and owner)


Special Thanks




 Warning: backport and fabric port not planned