Ears (+ Snouts/Muzzles, Tails, Horns, Wings, and More)

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Filename ears-fabric-1.17-1.4.1.jar
Uploaded by unascribed
Uploaded Nov 18, 2021
Game Version 1.17.1
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Downloads 576
MD5 ff68a382ccde8f23bef34e234684ae0b
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  • Refactored vlegacy ports (again)
  • vlegacy ports are now smaller due to using Nanojson instead of Gson
  • vlegacy ports now cache username lookups
  • Added an API for other mods to affect when Ears features render
  • Experimental functionality to erase skin regions, so you can have a vanilla ear/tail and have it vanish when Ears is present (not yet supported in the Manipulator)
  • New "binary" magic pixel format which will eventually replace the current "pixelwise" format
  • All ports (where possible) now support a "Config" button, which opens the Manipulator in your browser
  • Wing animations can now be disabled, if you use them for something other than wings (e.g. hair, fins)
  • New "Tall" and "Tall Cross" ears modes