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What is e4mc?

e4mc is a reverse tunneling reverse proxy for Minecraft. In simpler terms, it's a software that allows you to temporarily expose a local Minecraft server to the internet.

How do I use it?

Simply install the mod, and Open to LAN as normal. A public domain will appear alongside the local port. Others can simply connect to the public domain to connect to your LAN server.

Why e4mc?

Works everywhere

It works everywhere. and I mean everywhere. If you can read this webpage, you can use e4mc.

Works with vanilla clients

You don't need to install e4mc on both sides. It just gives you a domain. Just share the domain.

No extra software or configuration required

None. The host installs the mod on their side, and that's it. You install the mod, Open to LAN as normal, and you get a sharable domain.

Open source

Yes. The entire thing. The server too. It's all public.