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Dynamic Trees - TerraFirmaCraft Compat

Add Dynamic versions of TerraFirmaCraft (TFC) trees


Dynamic Trees | TerraFirmaCraft


First beta release for 1.18!


TerraFirmaCraft TNG in 1.12 and 1.18 is a reimplementation of the well-known overhaul mod from 1.7.10 and before. 


This is a simple compat mod that converts all of the trees during the TerraFirmaCraft world generation into Dynamic Trees. Drops are also changed to seeds instead of saplings. Sequoia, kapok, and acacia drop seeds now. Sequoia don't grow as large as vanilla TFC. Yet.



Please see the TFC:TNG discord at https://invite.gg/terrafirmacraft in channel #tng-addons for support.  



This mod changes the Dynamic Trees defaults to match TFC expectations by setting Passable Leaves, Tree Harvest Yield to 1.5x, seed drop chance to 0.02, and axe damage mode to volume. These changes can be turned off by setting tweakDTConfigs to false in the dttfc-common.toml file. 



This mod requires Dynamic Trees 1.0.2+, Dynamic Trees Plus 1.0.0+, and TFC 2.2.23+ for 1.18.2.



1.12 below:


This mod does not have it's own configuration file but respects the Dynamic Trees configuration file. I recommend setting "isLeavesPassable" to true in order to match normal TFC behavior. To balance the more sparse trees generated by this mod needing more space, I recommend changing "harvestMultiplier=1.5" to more closely match TFC wood production. I also recommend setting maxTreeHardness to at least 50 to roughly reproduce TFC tree chopping times.



This mod requires Dynamic Trees 0.9.19+ and TFC for 1.12.2.



This project is licensed under the MIT License, so no need to ask permission, you may include it in any modpack.