Dynamic Trees

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Filename DynamicTrees-1.12.2-0.7.6.jar
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Uploaded Apr 13, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
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The Cactus Update


This release features dynamic cacti. Huge changes to the API for DynamicTrees-BoP(Biomes O' Plenty).  A few slight performance improvements.


New Features

  • Dynamic cacti. Generates in desert biomes
  • Dendrocoil can now read world biome data by coordinates
  • Added function in Dendrocoil peripheral to list all available tree species
  • Seeds are now compatible with Quark colored pots
  • Seeds from other Dynamic Trees mods work with pots
  • Added fake decayable property to DynamicLeaves for better future compatibility
  • Apple tree now produces fruit when bottom of trunk reaches full block size instead of low soil fertility
  • Added Mandarin Chinese translation
  • Added ambient occlusion to branch blocks

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Dark Oak leaf clusters
  • Fixed a few Poisson disc generation errors
  • Big mushrooms no longer spawn in swamps and other inappropriate areas
  • Fixed bonsai rendering under optifine
  • Bug fix attempt for FastLeafDecay mod
  • Big fix for trees being disconnected from ground

Other changes

  • Removed poisson disc test code from Dendrocoil
  • Dynamic Leaves item block removed
  • Abstract model loader to help fix DTBoP palm rendering

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