Dynamic Trees

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The Worldgen Update


Mostly internal changes to improve speed. Some of the tree features and signals originate from the root block instead of from the leaves and branches. Corrected many biome generation problems.


  • WorldGen is enabled by default
  • Add dynamic seeds to Ore dictionary as "treeSapling"
  • Don't consume bonemeal in creative mode
  • Add 1/5 chance birch spawn in forest biomes
  • Allow Spruce and Oaks to gen in BiomeHills(fixes issue #20)
  • Mesa Forests now properly spawn oaks instead of nothing
  • MUTATED_REDWOOD_TAIGA and MUTATED_REDWOOD_TAIGA_HILLS now properly spawn Spruce instead of Oak.
  • Fast or Fancy graphics works as expected with Dynamic Leaves
  • Bonemeal can be used on saplings to cause them to grow.
  • Bonemeal causes a single growth update in a tree.
  • WorldGen trees are less scrawny.
  • WorldGen poisson disc generation algorithm fixed.
  • WorldGen poisson discs are tighter together now.(trees fit tighter together to produce a more complete forest canopy)
  • Trees and Species are now separate. (This will mean more in the future)
  • Swamp Oaks(A species) now generate in swamps even in shallow water and with vines.
  • Jungle trees generate with vines and cocoa already on them.
  • Undergrowth added to Jungle floor so it's more Jungly.
  • Fire doesn't burn out of control and it doesn't leave floating tree fragments.
  • Branch Blocks no longer randomly tick(improved efficiency).
  • Chance of seed drops when tree ticks instead of when leaves tick.
  • Now compatible with Quark Greener Grass and Foliage.
  • Huge amounts of API work.