Dynamic Surroundings alters the player’s visual and audible experience in Minecraft, and does not alter game mechanics. The player has a high degree of control over their experience, and modpack authors can customize biome and block effects based on their need. 

NOTE: The JARs I build are published only to CurseForge.  I cannot vouch for the JARs found on other sites because I do not know their origin.

Starting with v3.5.4.0, the HUDs have been moved into a separate mod called Dynamic Surroundings: HUDs.  The HUDs mod will not run with earlier versions of Dynamic Surroundings so make sure you update your mods appropriately.



Looking for Forge 1.20.1 version?

You can use the Dynamic Surroundings 1.20.1-0.2.2+ Fabric version with the Sinytra Connector.


Looking for Fabric versions?

Dynamic Surroundings: Fabric Edition has its own project page.


Minecraft 1.16.4/1.16.5 Updates

Common questions and issues:

  • OreLib is not required.
  • The 1.16.4 version will run on Minecraft 1.16.5.
  • The mod supports Java 15.  However, keep in mind that this would require Forge 36.x+, and other mods in your pack may not support Java 15.
  • Dynamic Surroundings 1.16.4 includes a sound effect processor.  If you install Sound Filters Dynamic Surroundings will automatically disable this processing to avoid conflicts.
  • To get configuration menus under the Mods menu install Cloth Config API (Forge).  This is a soft dependency, meaning that if the API is not installed Dynamic Surroundings will still work, but you will not get these menus.


Minecraft 1.14.4/1.15.2 Updates

At the moment I do not have a lot of time.  I am spending it focused on 1.16.4 since the core of "major mods" have moved to that version.  This means that 1.14.4/1.15.2 may not get additional changes.  I will fix bugs as necessary.

 Dynamic Surroundings: SoundControl

Dynamic Surroundings: MobEffects

Dynamic Surroundings: Environs


Minecraft 1.12.2 and earlier Updates

These versions are considered to be in maintenance mode.  I will be fixing any major issues as needed.

 The Mixin scene for 1.12.2 is a mess because of various mods embedding different versions of Mixin.  Issues usually manifest themselves as an inexplicable client crash during startup.  The latest Dynamic Surroundings BETA versions do not embed Mixin for this reason.  This means that Mixin has to be supplied by another mod.  If no other mods supply Mixin use MixinBootstrap.  In some situations Mixin Compatibility may also be needed,



Versions 1.12.2.x and earlier are licensed MIT.  Dynamic Surroundings for 1.16.4 is licensed GPL-3.0.


Installing the mod is pretty easy!  Just drop the JAR into the "mods" folder in your Minecraft Forge instance and startup your client.

The mod is not needed on the server so you can drop into an existing modpack and play on public servers without problem.


Sound features of Dynamic Surroundings 1.16.4

Immersion Video

Interview with Amaxter!

A very good overview of the features (in French):


Screen Captures

Screenshots can be found in the Image tab!  Note that these may be out of date for the 1.16.4 release.


You can include Dynamic Surroundings in your modpack.  Please do not repost the JAR from CurseForge to another platform.