Dynamic Surroundings

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Filename DynamicSurroundings-1.10.2-
Uploaded by OreCruncher
Uploaded Jun 6, 2017
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 20.14 MB
Downloads 6,365
MD5 4c7e4a50407b359a576279b026e4246a
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Java 7
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions


Release Summary

  • Auroras are 100% client side! This means that the aurora effect will render even though a server may not have Dynamic Surroundings installed. The RNG is seeded with the current Minecraft day so all players would see a similar aurora.
  • Auroras render as a panorama in the northern sky rather than as bands hovering above the terrain. Gives more of the borealis feel I think.
  • Biome matching rules now use traits rather than regex matching based on name. Should provide better support for biomes that Dynamic Surroundings is not aware of.
  • Battle Music. Special music sound tracks will play when battle is taking place nearby. The Wither and Dragon have their own special music. Currently this feature is turned off by default.
  • Presets. Minecraft and Dynamic Surroundings configuration settings can be saved to external Json files and reloaded as needed. This allows you to save your configuration state, try out tweaks, and rollback changes as needed. These preset files can also be shared. Dialog can be accessed via mod configuration pages or hitting P in game.
  • Footprints, footsteps, and item use sounds are now coordinated between attached clients. This means you can see the prints and hear footsteps of other players walking around you.
  • F9 to show chunk borders. Shortcut for Minecraft's built-in chunk fence display (F3+G).
  • Volume quickset dialog activated by pressing V.
  • Stack of nether stars + creative mode allows you to inspect the Dynamic Surroundings configuration for in-world blocks. Useful when creating your own config files.
  • Clock HUD that renders when holding a Minecraft clock. Displays the current Minecraft Time of Day as well as the amount of time of the current Minecraft session.
  • Horseshoe print style for use in combination with....
  • Quadruped configuration option for those Bronies out there. Turning it on will make footstep sounds like a horse. Useful with Mine Little Pony.
  • Also added bird and animal footprint styles as well. Animal footprint looks good with Quadruped enabled as well.
  • Item equip sounds ala MAtmos. Swapping items in the hotbar as well as shield slot will trigger these sounds.
  • Rain water hitting liquid source blocks generate water ripples rather than rain splashes.
  • Daytime biome sound for bogs, fens, marshes, bayou etc.
  • Crow spot sound that will play in forest, bogs, fens, and various "dead" biomes.
  • Consolidated sound configuration dialog where you can set block, culling, and sound scale. Features a Play button so you can hear the sound.
  • Option to override Overworld sea level setting. Useful when using world gen mods such as Open Terrain Generator and Biome Bundle.
  • Option to disable the water suspend particle effect (those black wandering particles underwater).
  • Options to change Dynamic Surroundings command names and aliases. Useful when resolving command conflicts with servers and other mods.
  • Option to disable auto-restart of crashed sound system.
  • Turning off desert and biome fog effects will turn off all fog processing in Dynamic Surroundings. Intended to address compatibility issues with certain mod combinations, such as BoP + OptiFine + Dynamic Surroundings.
  • Per dimension configuration option to control dimension wide fog effects. Improves compatibility with mods like Galacticraft.
  • Bunch of performance/responsiveness tweaks.


Changes (for this build)

  • Improved area block scan/processing efficiency
  • Optimized footstep sound processing
  • Use ASM to hook Minecraft sound stream loading to improve responsiveness and reduce stream errors; can be turned off in config if needed