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This mod contains the HUD features from Dynamic Surroundings.  Because this mod duplicates features of earlier versions of Dynamic Surroundings, this mod is only compatible with Dynamic Surroundings versions  If you have a version earlier the client will not start with a dependency error. 

This mod is purely client side.  If installed on a server no errors will occur, and Forge will ignore loading the mod.  This makes it pretty safe to put into universal mod packs if desired.

The HUDs this mod provides are:

  • Compass.  When held it will give you your current location as well as heading.
  • Clock.  When holding a Minecraft Compass or looking at an item frame containing a compass a popup will inform you as to the date/time of the Minecraft world.
  • Season.  Holding a Season Clock from Serene Seasons will tell you the current season.
  • Potion.  Moves the potion HUD to a different location on the screen and gives more detail.
  • Light Level.  Will graphically draw the light level of blocks around the player, and color code them as to safety.