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Dynamic Darkness

Dynamic Darkness is a small client-side mod that removes minimal light/brightness level in Minecraft. It also changes sky light depending on the moon phases (enabled by default). You can opt-in for classic Hardcore Darkness mode in config.

Unlike Hardcore Darkness it does not alter Night Vision effect colors, has in-game config and comes with sensible defaults.


Animation below uses the following moon phase brightness factors: [0.6], [0.5], [0.4], [0.3], [0.2], [0.3], [0.4], [0.5]

You can set them in “Mods” → “Darkness” → “Config” → “Moon Phase Brightness” by adding numbers in the order of moon phases, starting with full moon (see example under images tab). Default uses vanilla brightness factors: 1.0 (normal brightness) during full moon, 0.0 (pitch-black darkness) during new moon.