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Dye Extension

ℹ️ About

This mod tries  to make dyes a bit more attractive by adding dyed sticks, cobblestone, andesite, polished andesite and leaves. With dyed sticks you can then craft all the tools (pickaxe, axe, ...) with dyed handles. They act the same way as normal tools. I am planning on adding more dyed things e.g. dyed wood or dirt in the near future... (I just cant seem to get the dyed furnaces working...). With most dyed blocks you can craft dyed stairs (just like normal stairs but with dyed blocks instead of normal blocks) and dyed slabs.

This mod supports ALL vanilla dye types (in summary it adds over 400 new items/blocks/tools) and only looks kinda good with vanilla tool / stick textures. You can, of course, also play it with an other texture pack. It's just that the textures are based on vanilla textures.

📕 Features

  • dyed sticks
  • tools with dyed handles
  • dyed cobblestone
  • dyed andesite
  • dyed polished andesite
  • dyed leaves
  • stairs and slabs for: dyed cobblestone, dyed stone, dyed andesite and dyed polished andesite
  • buttons for: dyed stone

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