Dungeons Enhanced

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 This Mod requires Structure Gel. Thanks Team ModdingLegacy for creating this genious API.

A few examples

Minecraft is great game, but exploring always felt a bit boring for us.
There aren't many structures or dungeons you can explore and the ones you find, are getting repetitive.
We decided to spice things up a bit, by adding new dungeons and structures for you to explore.
By now 26 new dungeons and structures are included in our mod.
They all fit a medieval/fantasy theme and could fit along other fantasy or RPG-like Mods.
Some of our structures also look like they could be an upgraded version of a vanilla structure or a variant to them.
Get ready to find huge mazes under trees, castles, towers and forgotten temples.
We hope you have fun!



Preview of upcoming content

The upcoming content will be split into different phases, each covering an aspect of minecraft

  • Phase 1 Oveworld Structures (complete)
  • Phase 2 Overworld Ocean Structures
  • Phase 3 Nether Structures
  • Phase 4 End Structures

These phases are not fixed! It can happen that that we add or edit structures from older phases.



Terraforged: Yes (probably also other world generation mods)
Biomes o'Plenty: Yes
Oh The Biomes You'll Go: Yes
Lootr: partially
Modding Legacy Mods: yes
Other Dungeon Mods: generally yes, but there could be exeptions

Please let us know any incompatibility



Can I use Dungeons Enhanced in my modpacks?
of course

How to use the config?
The spacing value controlls the rarity (increase -> rarer). It is the mininum distance in chunks between two structures of the same type.
The offset value offsets the spacing randomly, normally you should not mess with it except you make huge changes to the spacing
To disable a structure set the probability to zero. You can set it to every number between 0 and 100 (in 1.16 from 0.00 to 1.00).
(only 1.16.5) The isWhitelist value controlls how the given biomes in biomes are handled (true = only in these biomes, false = not in these biomes).
In biomes you can pass in every biome (biome id), BiomeTag (# + tag id) and BiomeDictionary (## + dictionary id (in 1.16.5 only one #)). By putting a "!" before the entry it is handled as the opposite.

How to edit loot tables
right now you can only edit loot tables with data packs

Can I help translating Dungeons Enhanced?
yes, check out our OneSky

as soon as Structure Gel updates

Does Dungeons Enhanced add any Blocks?
no, we only use vanilla block

Does Dungeons Enhanced replace vanilla structures?
no, all variants for vanilla structures are separate structures

Fabric Port?
we won't port to fabric

is something unclear or any other Question? Ask on our discord!


Feel free to use our Mod in your Modpacks.

You can also join our discord server, where you can chat, report bugs and give suggestions for new structures.

Our Discord Server

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