Dungeons Plus

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A tower with spawners within. At the top, you'll find a map to the reanimated ruins.

Reanimated Ruins (mossy variant)

Found deep underground, this labyrinth of rooms will lead you to either the Snowy Temple, Leviathan, or Warped Garden.

Snowy Temple

A long forgotten temple, taken over by Strays. Reach the top to claim the Frosted Cowl.


Remains of an ancient beast that once protected a temple. Explore the ruins to uncover the Leviathan Blade.

Warped Garden

Created by an advanced society, this ghost town has since been taken over by Drowned. The ancient Warped Axe can still be found within. May it aid you in combat.

Soul Prison

Found floating on lava in the soul sand valley. Should you manage to survive the Ghasts, you may be able to acquire the Soul Cannon.

End Ruins

A well guarded relic of the past. Should you make it through safely, a rare prize awaits.