Dungeons Plus

1,962,753 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 3, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5


A tower with four mob spawners on each floor. The top floor has a map to the buried dungeon structure.

Buried Dungeon

Generates underground in all overworld biomes except for mushroom islands. Contains at least one room with a map to either the Leviathan or Snowy Temple.

End Ruins

A structure that generates in the end with a rare prize at the top. Endermen that spawn near this structure are immediately hostile to the player.


Skeletal structure found in desert biomes with a spawner buried beneath. It exclusively spawns husks that drop sand when killed.

Snowy Temple

An ice temple that generates in the snowy tundra. Only strays that can drop ice can spawn inside.

Soul Prison

Found floating on lava within the soul sand valley. Taking on the ghasts inside can be quite the challenge.

Warped Garden

An unnatural structure found in the ocean. Drowned inside wield axes and provide a renewable source of coral should you beat them.