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Dungeons Mobs LogoAvailable for 1.16.1-1.19.2. 

This mod adds many mobs from Minecraft: Dungeons including (but certainly not limited to) the Royal Guard, the Redstone Golem, the Whisperer, and the Wraith.



Beta and Release

Beta builds, marked as such, will be released on CurseForge. These releases will most likely contain bugs. If you do use these versions, be sure to inform us of all bugs you encounter. If you enjoy the bug testing, be sure to follow us on Patreon, as the Patreons gain access to alpha builds through our discord.


Requires Dungeons Libraries

The mod now requires Dungeons Libraries. The library mod, by itself, does not affect your experience at all. It provides many helper methods to improve the Dungeons Suite of mods. Other modmakers are free to use Dungeons Libraries for their own project and we are willing to cooperate to fulfill their needs as well.

The Dungeons Experience:
There is automatic compatibility with Dungeons Gear, and it is intended for you to use both mods together. For example, the Armored mobs will spawn wearing their Minecraft Dungeons armors and weapons instead of the regular iron equipment they spawn with if only this mod is used.


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There are extensive spawn configuration options for most mobs to allow them to spawn throughout your world, even in modded biomes, right out of the box.

Pre-1.19.2: This Google Doc contains a guide to the Biome Dictionary system used by this mod.
1.19.2+: Use this guide to create a datapack that can allow you to adjust our spawns, found here.


All of the Illagers (and the Redstone Golem and Squall Golem) can be configured to be added to raids (most are on by default). There is also an experimental biome-specific raiders option that lets you have certain Illagers only spawn as a part of raids in specific biomes. For example, Windcallers would only spawn as a part of raids in Mountains biomes, and Iceologers would only spawn as a part of raids in Snowy biomes.


Woodland Mansions:

This mod also includes a modification to Woodland Mansion code to allow it to spawn any mob instead of the hard-coded Vindicators and Evokers from structure files. A structure pack is included within the mod that adds Vindicator Chefs, Armored Vindicators and Royal Guards to specific rooms in the Woodland Mansion.


bagu_chan has a lovely standalone mod for the Enchanter - Enchant With Mob!



Bosses will be added in a future update. Making a single Minecraft boss is a rather complicated process, so just imagine making 10+.



The animations are a work in progress, my main focus was getting the mobs, special equipment, and the spawning system implemented so if you feel some animations are subpar at the moment, they will be improved upon in the future.

Any new mobs from upcoming DLCs will be added to this mod when they are released.

The Illager use models from tallestred's Illagers Wear Armor mod, allowing them to properly render equipment.


Mod Showcases:


Want a config GUI? Check out Configured

Discord: Infamous Misadventures