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Install CubicChunks first:

Dungeon generator will generate dungeons according <world_save_folder>/data/labyrinth/labyrinth_level_preset.json file.

Download example at  Link Removed:

"minX", "maxX", "minY", "maxY", "minZ", "maxZ" define area in cube size units, where generator will replace cubes. To convert coordinates to block units, multiply them to 16.

"generator_type" define a set of cube shapes and rules of placing. There is 4 types: "basic", "claustrophobic", "village" and "lava".

"mapping" define blocks which will be used to place shapes in world. "walls" for walls, "floor" for floor etc.

You can peek a list of keys here:

You don't need to install this mod at client side while connecting to server with this mod installed.

Note that "Labyrinth" is not actually a labyrinth. It just randomly generate continuous walls next to each other, so it is possible to find completely sealed rooms or huge open spaces.