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Modloader Availability Environment: Client

Environment: Server Fabric API required Projectile Damage required Discord

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☠️ Increase the difficulty and get matching rewards

⭐️ Features

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Per player difficulty

The more players are online, the stronger mobs spawn.

☠️ Zone specific difficulty

Mobs spawning at different locations (dimensions, biomes) have increased attributes (such as attack damage, health, armor) by different amount.

(Generic example: all hostile mobs in the nether have more health, attack damage, armor)

(Specific example: all creepers in the jungle have more health and movement speed)

✨ Zone specific rewards

To match zone specific difficulty, items looted from mob drops and chests, have increased attributes (such as attack damage, projectile damage, armor, max health, etc...) by different amount. Some loot tables have specific buffs to their items.

(Generic example: all looted items in the nether are stronger)

(Specific example: all weapons looted in desert pyramid chests have more attack damage)

🔧 Fully data-driven

This mod has a very flexible configuration, that uses regex to allows lots of combination of entity and loot attribute scaling.

Generic rules can be set, for example: any epic weapon in any dimension gets +10% attack damage.

Specific rules can be set, for example: Husks in the overworld, on desert biome, spawn with +20% health and movement speed.

🤝 Compatible with any content

Any dimension, biome, mob, looted item can be configured to work with.

🧐 Examples

Loot chests in the nether


🔧 Configuration

This mod is fully configurable, for more details check out the project readme.