This datapacks ported as mod adds vanilla like structures that are supposed to blend in with the rest of the game and feel like they belong there. Going from environmental additions like fire watch towers and taverns to dungeons like Badlands Miner Outpost and Illager hideout. But it also overhauls some of the vanilla structures by changing their loot and how they generate.
Please note that this is a datapack Ported as a Mod and therefore doesn't add new blocks, items or mobs.

This datapack also adds 12 new enchantments:

Wax Wings, Elytra Enchantment that doesnt make you lose durability while gliding slowly

Gravity, Crossbow Enchantment that pulls any Entity close to arrow impact, including yourself, up to 3 levels

Outreach, Chestplate Enchantment that makes you able to interact blocks from further away

Power Crossbow, Enchanted Weapon working like Bows with Power, but only working on Crossbows instead

Piercing Bow, Enchanted weapon working like Crossbows Piercing, but only working on the Bow instead

Multishot Bow, Enchanted weapon working like Crossbows Multishot, but only working on the Bow

Ghasted, Shoots Explosing Arrows with the strengh of a Ghast

Wither Coated, Weapon Enchantment that has the chance to apply the Wither Effect on an Entity, but halves the tools Durability. Mutex with Fire Aspect

Photosynthesis. Armour and Tools Enchantment that slowly regenerates Durability while exposed on sunlight, works if worn by armourstands. Mutex with Mending

Traveler, Boots Enchantment that makes you slightly faster while sprinting and increases your stephight so you can walk up 1 block high slopes like a horse

Antitoxin, Chestplate enchantment that makes you immune to any poison damage, not even flinching, But it damages your Chestplate instead. Mutex with Protection Enchantments like any of the Protection Enchantments

Illagers Bane, Weapon Enchantment that deals more damage against Illager, like smite and sharpness its mutex to the other damage ups

If you dont Want those enchantments, use this datapack: https://modrinth.com/datapack/nofun-dnt
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How to find dungeons:
To find the more rare structures like the Illager Hideouts, Undead Crypts and Illager Manor you need to find an Tavern
Taverns have 1-3 maps that work like Tresure maps leading towards those structures. So you chose yourself to engage with that "Quest"
Oak Tavern
New Structures:
The New structures this mod adds are 

Illager Camps

The Illager are on the move and set up camps all over the world! those small structures are a small challenge you can interact with on your travels

Illager Hideout

A rare underground Dungeon that is filled with Illagers. a challenge for late game player who seek a challenge

Illager Manor

with an 50% chance of replacing Woodland Mansions do those structures act as alternative. Tight corridors. attic rooms and basements serve as a different challenge with rich rewards inside.

Jungle Ruins

You aren't a fan of the small Jungle temple? maybe search for Jungle ruins then. technically you could even rebuild this village with beds and doors for jungle villagers or explore the main Jungle Ruins Temple

Mangrove Swamp Hut

the witches moved into the mangrove swamp with 3 different hut styles

Ruined Towns

Ruined Towns are ruins from the past with rubble everywhere with suspicious gravel holding mostly just junk but maybe some sherds and other tressures

Stray Fort

This fort generates in cold biomes and is infested with strays and guard towers

Nether Keep

This Mega Structure is an giant tower spawning inside the nether, Acting as the main structure for the wither skeletons, containing 3 blaze spawner rooms with their own treasure chests

Badlands Miner Outpost

This unique Outpost is more about the mining operations in Badlands. a good way to get gold and tnt and is connected to their very own mine


Bunkers are a somewhat rare structure that lead into an underground complex with various sizes. its an environmental structure

Conduit ruin

A way to teach player how to build a conduit with hints in the chest in the prismarine ring as well as being an archaeological site

Firewatch towers

They are atmospheric builds to make the world feel more lived in. you can use them as a small base or just to find a nights rest

Undead Crypts

Another underground Dungeon with alot of bones, skulls and other stuff with 1 spawner room

Underground House

small structures found underground


6 new well types for taiga, forrest/plains, jungles and savanas

Wild Ruins

Under wild ruins fall things like small camps, huts and dead redstone golems, they are environmental and supposed to add to making the world feel more lived in

Creeping Crypts

Creeping Crypts are an structure found in taiga biomes, filled with creeper, gunpowder, suspicious gravel and if you are lucky, even an creeper spawner

Desert Ruins

Desert ruins act as giant archaeological site with a main Desert Ruin Temple in the center. Though beware that this isn't your average Desert Temple

Jungle Villages

Spawning in Jungles are now jungle villages

Swamp Villages

Find villages in swamp with... witches? seems like getting that mending librarian isn't going to be that easy.

Witch Villa

Spawning in swamp biomes and Mangrove Swamps those structure act as witches woodland mansion with their own experiments and own backyard


The Donjon is a Megastructure spawning rarely in crimson forest biomes containing several room types of the various bastion remnants and container crates filled with gold. also look out for hidden vault rooms.


Nether Village for the Piglins. this structure is fortified and filled to the brim with Piglins but exploring it might hold some treasure

Nether Port

Nether Port are a middle sized structure spawning at lava level with a crimson plank walkway around the main Port structure containing 1 blaze spawner and some treasure rooms

Nether Skeleton Camps

Small structure spawning in the nether with biome variants holding a few skeletons and a loot chest

Nether Skeleton Tower

An tower structure inside the Nether generating with an loot chest and some smaller structures around, guarded by skeletons

Piglin Camps

Spawning in the nether they act as smaller structures with 1 Piglin Brute and a loot chest

Piglin Outstation

This Outstation has Piglins spawning all the times and contains a secret vault guarded by piglin brutes