Dumpster Diving

6,053 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 8, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Particle Board

Recycle even all that unwanted sawdust!

Block of Rubber!

Store your rubber in blocks!

Nice Logo

New Garbage block texture looks great!

Tinker's Compatibility

The Metal salvage may be melted directly into a Tinker's Smeltery!

Agricraft intergration!

Farm the Ink Lilly flower when playing with Dumpster Diving with Agricraft!

Agricraft intergration!

Look, it even adds itself to the book! Huge props to Raider for such an intuitive integration system!

Improvised Barbwire

Damages mobs but does not delete items! Perfect for traps and grinders!

All three Repurposers

From left to right we have the Re-Ingotor, Re-Processor and Re-Grinder

Door way to Recycling!

Make your home in the dump thematically complete with these make shift doors!

Eat like a champ!

Ready for a tasty treat with a special surprise inside? Eat up a Junkyard Surprise! Who knows what will be inside!

Power up!

Powered Repurposers accept FE, RF, or UE (There's all almost exactly the saaame don't tell anyone though!)