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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Minecraft Drug Mod 1.8


Produce and do drugs in Minecraft!

Smoke Weed, snort Cocaine or Meth, shoot up Heroin, do Acid or make a Shrooms stew.


Doing drugs adds potion effects, shaders, client effects and sounds to the player.

You can also buy drugs from the dealer.

Supported drugs are: Weed (Cannabis), Cocaine, Heroin, Meth, Acid (LSD) and Magic Mushrooms.


Some features:



- Cannabis plants are growing in the world

- You can make your own cannabis plant farm

- Consume by joint, bong, tea or hash cookie

- possible potions: Hunger, Mining Fatigue, Slowness, Jump Boost



- Produce meth in Breaking Bad Style

- Possible bad trip

- Breaking Bad effects

- possible potions: Night Vision, Strength, Health Boost, Fire Resistance, Water Breathing

- potential Weakness/Poisoning/Nausea after trip


Acid and Magic Mushrooms

- Cheap (dealer) and easy to get

- Party/Techno effects

- euphoric effects

- possible potions: Night Vision, Haste, Speed



- Potions: Night Vision, Speed, Health Boost etc.

- Makes you stronger, faster, and more focused

- possible potions: Speed, Strength, Regeneration, Night Vision



- Do heroin by shot

- euphoric effects

- possible potions: Haste, Strength, Speed, Saturation

- potential Nausea after trip


Do not do drugs in real life! This is not good. Just do in Minecraft.

For more information, screenshots and Video see: http://www.prtscode.bplaced.net/plugins/mc-drugmod.html


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