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This is a rather small and simple mod, just adding meat for every passive mob which you can all cook. Villagers also occasionally drop their noses which you can eat as a delicacy or cook into a slime ball.

Every Drop can now be enabled and disabled through the config. You can also enable and disable butcher trades in the config. All meat drops are by default enabled, but only a few meat trades that I thought made sense are by default enabled.


A bunch of these will probably look inaccurate due to the fact that I could not or did not want to find more information about them.


If you're interested in even further vanilla friendly expansion of food then check out my other mod Vanilla Cookbook


Feel free to add this to your modpack.

List of which meat gets dropped by which mob(s):

Raw Axolotl | Axolotls

Raw Bat | Bats

Raw Bear | Pandas and Polar Bears

Raw Bee | Bees

Raw Camel | Camels

Raw Cat | Cats and Ocelots

Raw Dolphin | Dolphins

Raw Frog | Frogs

Raw Fox | Foxes

Raw Goat | Goats

Raw Horse | Horses, Donkeys and Mules

Raw Iron Golem | Iron Golems

Raw Llama | Llamas and Trader Llamas

Raw Parrot | Parrots

Raw Sniffer | Sniffers

Raw Squid | Squids

Raw Strider | Striders

Raw Turtle | Turtles

Raw Villager and Villager Noses | Villagers and Wandering Traders

Raw Wolf | Wolves

Piglin Porkchops | Piglins and Piglin Brutes


All meat is cooked when the mobs are killed while burning