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Draylar's Battle Towers is my take on the popular Battle Towers mod. I looked at some of the issues I had with previous attempts at this mod and fixed it to the best of my creative ability. It depends on the Fabric Loader & Fabric API to run. 1.17.1 versions require you to also install Geckolib, which can be installed here.


Once you have installed this mod, you will find Battle Towers scattered across the land with high rarity. Unlike previous versions of the mod, my take intends for the structures to be very uncommon, but this can be changed with the config. Each floor in a tower is also very hard; you're rewarded with great loot for taking it down. Each tower is unique and offers new rooms, fun mobs, and difficult challenges.


Each tower has a variable number of floors, ranging from 10-13 by default. If you break the spawners inside each room, you will be rewarded with a Boss Key. You need a certain number of these (10 by default) to unlock the boss at the top.


Once you reach the final floor, you'll find a Boss Lock. What will you discover when you unlock it...?




  • Where can I suggest a new Tower design? All suggestions should go to the issue tracker on this page. 
  • I'm a modpack creator. What can I customize? Battle Towers 3.0+ includes a custom data system for loading Battle Towers. This means you can make your own! There is currently no documentation for this feature, but you can look inside the project's resources to get an idea of what you need to do. Battle Towers also provides several config options for the boss and tower spawning.
  • I can't find a tower! Am I doing something wrong? These are somewhat rare. The default spawn rate makes them appear about as often as villages.

Will you port this to Forge? No, but my license allows you to do it yourself if you so desire. Do not ask for a port or for my justification for not porting it.