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NOTE: An overhaul of this mod is in the works! You can join the discord server here: https://discord.gg/deuRcxu


This mod adds dragons from DragonVale into Minecraft!


Over 500 downloads! Thanks everyone!


To begin, you'll need to find baby dragons that spawn around the world:

Fire- Plains

Plant- Forest

Earth- Desert

Cold- Ice Plains

Water- Oceans and Rivers

Lightning- Mega Taiga

Air- Mountains

Metal- Savanna

Light & Dark- The End


Once you do, craft some Magic Gems using an Emerald, 2 Red Dye, and 2 Redstone dust. Then you'll need to craft a Treat Farm, which converts seeds and gems into Dragon Treats, which can be used to grow dragons up (I'd recommend JEI for all the recipes) . You can ride on the backs of adult dragons as well!


Made with MCreator


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