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This mod is based in The Elder Scrolls (Skyrim specially) games and mod known as "Konahrik's Accoutrements". It will add all dragon priest masks, the dragon forge, new craftings and more!




-1.20.1: (Active)


-Added Dragon Priest Masks (Miraak, Konahrik, Hevnoraak, Morokei, Nahkriin, Otar,  Rahgot, Vokun, Volsung, Krosis and Wooden Mask)
-Added Dragon Forge (useless at the moment)
-Added Creative Tab for the mod

v0.2: Masks Update

-Changed masks stats
-Now Konahrik prevents death (20% chance) **if you have a mod that interrupts death like Incapacitated it won't work.**
-Now Hevnoraak removes bad effects
-Now all masks have info
-Now all masks has effects based in their info
-Added Past (dimension)
-Added The Dragon Forge (book)
-You can't die by falling in the new dimension (don't worry if you stay in air because lag could delay the structure to spawn)

-Now while using Wooden Mask (i won't create a clay mask) and right clicking with the book you will teleport to the dimension or surface/overworld

v0.3: The Dragon Forge Update

-Added archivements/advancements
-Added natural structure Revahkeim
-Added Revahkeim (Past) structure when going to the dimension.
-You can go back to the "past" if you don't have the forge.
-Added Crafting GUI
-Added recipes (Dragon Forge) for dagger and staff
-Added Dragon Priest Armors

-Added Stone With Dragonic Words
-Added recipe (Dragon Forge) for Konahrik and Miraak dragon priest armors
-Now The Dragon Forge can be found in the Revahkeim (Past)
-Added New Monster Rooms (structure) for masks to spawn! except Miraak and Konahrik
-Now Konahrik can be crafted in a normal crafting table (9 masks and you will not lose them).

v0.4: Crafting Update

-Fixed Rahgot armor looks weird

-Fixed a bug when creating Dragon Priest armor sometimes the 9th slot was not consumed.
-Added recipes for the dragon priest armor (except mask) with More Divines Ores (optional mod dependency)

-Now Otar and Krosis can be crafted with Moonstone and gold nuggets, Hevnoraak and Nahkriin with ebony ingot and iron nuggets, Morokei and Vokun with quicksilver ingot and iron nuggets, Rahgot with orichalcum ingot and iron nuggets and Volsung with copper ingot and gold nuggets (this one doesn't need More Divines mod).
-Dragon Priest Staff can throw fire projectile with left click (has cooldown and uses durability)

A use for the Elder Scroll (Dragon): Is meant to be an easter egg in the mod
-Added new bad effect called "Tired Moth" (Moth Priest reference) for the Elder Scroll as a secondary effect

-Added Elder Scroll (Dragon) vision (as abstract art)

v0.5: ?

-Particles of fire when crafting in Dragon Forge?
-Animated Elder Scroll?

-Improved Elder Scroll (Dragon) vision?
-Improved Hood Colour of each mask 1%



Optional Dependency for some dragon priest armor craftings (Dragon Forge v0.4+)

More Divines Mod:






What can i do?


You just have to find the masks and the Dragon Forge to craft armor, weapons, etc.

Enjoy :D!




This mod can be used in any modpack



Addons/Other mods:



Creator: AgustinJ879




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