Dragon Mounts: Legacy

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> "This is a mod that allows you to hatch previously useless dragon eggs. Once fostered and tamed, they'll be your faithful companion in all situations and, of course, can be used for a ride!"

-- BarracudaATA

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Dragons arrive to Minecraft’s Wild Update!

❕ About

Dragon Mounts was a mod originally created by BarracudaATA, in an attempt to make the previously useless dragon eggs hatch tameable Ender Dragon-esque creatures. Albeit smaller and weaker, they provide wider ranges of utility, and even adapt to their environments!

Dragon Mounts: Legacy is the continuation of this magic in the modern minecraft version. By implementing minor updates and expanding on the mechanics, the aim is to upgrade the quality, while maintaining the LEGACY feel.

DM:L features a completely re-done codebase with bits and pieces of the original code here and there. Features such as the habitat mechanics and riding have been completely rethought and redesigned, while the model and animations have been kept to their original code (mostly) and thus quality.

> Dragon Mounts by Barracuda can be found here, with the github repo here.

✍️ Customization

Contributors and Modpack Devs Alike

DM:L was designed with customization in mind. Dragon Breeds can be fully customizable through the use of json files. An entirely new breed can be made with a combo of a datapack and resourcepack.* No Code Necessary! Of course, like datapack nature, existing breeds can be edited as well. More info and how to do it is described on the wiki.

*The Json based breed system is only available in 1.1+ for Minecraft 1.18+

Wish there was more?

Tell me! I want to be able to make the breeds as customizable as possible. From different ability or habitat types, to different model properties. Suggest anything! I'll be more than happy to consider most requests.

📖 Other Info

  • PLEASE use this in your modpacks! I actively encourage it!
  • Consider becoming a patron of mine to support the development of DM:L and get access to early builds, previews, and extra perks for DM:L and my other mods!
  • This is NOT Dragon Mounts 2, nor will it ever be. I do not plan to add content from it.
  • A fabric port is in consideration, however if anyone else wants to give a shot at it, you are more than welcome.
  • Yes, it is true that in earlier iterations of this project I was very strict and ignorant about permissability, such as disallowing ports. However, with a recent change of heart and licensing, I have dropped that mindset.

➕ Special Credits

  • BarracutaAta - Original Project and ideas
  • 13SunRaes - Updated textures (Special thank you to the love of my life. Working on this project with you means cloud nine.)
  • Kingdomall - Updated textures
  • And many others from the community for providing feedback, ideas, and other contributions. Thank you all!


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