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Dragon Addition is an add-on that will make you even more interested in killing Ender the Dragon, because now, in addition to the usual achievements, his loot and the ability to use new items will bring you a lot of functionality!


What's new?

New loot from Ender the Dragon. Now, when killing a dragon, you can get a lot of vanilla and new items, as well as tools and armor with charms.


New artifacts and bonuses at the end. Now you can get or create tools that will eventually be able to save you both from dangerous mobs and from falling into the abyss.


 New armor and tools. Now you will be able to create Dragon and Crystal equipment that can protect you better than Netherite.


 A way to gain experience by simply clicking in the end. You will be able to create a Soul Collector in order to gain experience just by being in the end. (It can also be improved).


New beautiful and durable blocks. Now your construction will have a newer volume of blocks.


Valuable and delicious food. Your inventory will now be able to replenish with new and healthy food from another world, not only satisfying, but also having effects.


As well as a lot of new pleasant little things for gameplay!




1.2.0 - Added new blocks and food. Redesigned some textures for more original ones. As well as improved small details of the mod.