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This is a mod that adds a lot of high-tier items such as tools and armor as well as some high-tier energy storage and a lot of other random features such as:

  • Teleportation
  • mob farming (spawning+killing)
  • player detection
  • Time and weather control
  • Powerful tools and armor
  • High tier energy storage (RF)

And much more with new features being added in each update.


This description really needs a massive overhaul but at this point, I'm pretty sure most of you know what DE is all about. If you're new here then just search for Draconic Evolution on google or youtube and you will find everything you need to know. 


## 1.16 beta! Here's what you need to know. ##

Project Intelligence (The mod responsible for the information tablet in 1.12) has not been updated yet.


1.16 is a complete code rewrite from 1.12. Almost everything has changed in one way or another.

Some things still need to be rewritten and others have not been implemented at all yet. 

For now, if you find something is missing then assume it will be added back in a future update. 

Do not open issues because 'item X' or 'feature Y' is missing! 


New 'Modular Item' system

Module grid example

The way tools and armor work has been completely changed! 

On their own, the tools and armor are now pretty much just fancy paperweights. In order to make them useful you need to install upgrade modules.

If you have played Factorio the new modules system should seem somewhat familiar as it is loosely based on Factorio's modular armor. 


Most modules are pretty self-explanatory but here are some general tips to help you out.


  • Most modular items need at least one energy storage module in order to function,
  • Higher tier items (Draconic, Chaotic) allow you to install more / higher tier modules.
  • Movement speed, Bow draw speed, and melee attack speed can all be increased using speed modules. 
  • In order to install a module in a modular item must accept that module type and be of the same tier as the module or higher. 
  • The draconic shield requires a shield control module, shield capacity modules, and shield recovery modules. Think of the controller as the main shield generator. The other two should be self-explanatory. 
  • The Auto feed module consumes food from your inventory then feeds it to you as required. 
  • For creative flight, you need a draconic or chaotic flight module. (There is no longer a way to boost creative flight speed)
  • For high-speed flight, the flight modules now include elytra flight functionality with the added advantage of a 'boost function which can be activated by pressing your forward movement key plus your sprint key.
  • You are no longer "invincible as long as you have energy" Instead you have "Undying Modules" which are effectively rechargeable totems of undying. These do have a significant energy cost to recharge as well as a minimum recharge time. But on activation, they will give you a health boost, a shield boost, and invulnerability for a very limited amount of time. Higher tier modules can increase the number installable (up to 3), increase the effect power and decrease the minimum recharge time. 


Many module textures are temporary and need to be replaced.


So about the armor...

For the moment you just have the Modular Chest Piece. This is primarily because implementing this module system across multiple separate armor items would be a significant technical challenge. 

A full armor set May be added later but I'm not yet sure how I will implement it. (Please don't make suggestions, I have already had countless people give suggestions)  


Planned changes (To already ported content)

Both the energy crystals and the reactor have been directly ported from 1.12. so for now they are exactly the same as 1.12

This is temporary as I plan to completely overhaul both. before the final release.

When I rewrite the reactor I will try to ensure any existing reactors are safely deactivated by the update. But I can not make the same promise for the crystals.

When the crystal update is released any existing crystals will be unlinked. For many, this may be an inconvenience but if you are using crystals to run your reactor when this occurs then your reactor will most likely explode. If there is a way I can do this update without breaking existing crystal networks I will but I cant make any promises. 


Chaos Guardian

The chaos guardian has been completely rewritten with all-new fight mechanics. The spoiler below gives some details on how to defeat the guardian. If you prefer to be surprised then don't read it. 


I recommend a Draconic Chest Piece with draconic flight, shields (obviously), undying, and at least 2 speed modules. 

The new blink function on the Advanced Dislocator is also very useful especially if you assign a keybinding for it.  


Guardian healing crystals

The Guardian crystals can no longer be destroyed by normal damage as they have shields powered directly by the chaos crystal at the heart of the island. This link can be temporarily disrupted by hitting the crystal with chaotic damage. Ether get the guardian to fire at a crystal or use a chaotic tier weapon if you have one.

The link will only be disrupted for a few seconds so hit the crystal with as much damage as you can to destroy it then get out of there because the guardian won't be happy!  


The guardian now has a number of basic and advanced attacks. 


Basic Attacks

The will occasionally charge the player and try to deal direct melee damage but more often he will bombard the player with fireballs. 

The guardian also has a basic defensive move where if a player is too close for too long he will fly off at high speed while enveloping himself in a loud of fireballs.


It's worth noting the guardian's fireballs are incredibly powerful and it will only take a few to break through a draconic shield. 

Your best defense against these attacks is to evade/outmaneuver the guardian using your draconic elytra. (Draconic flight module) 


Charged (Advanced) Attacks

The guardian also has several "advanced attacks" For these the guardian will first go and hover at the center of the island where he can draw energy directly from the island's chaos crystal. This makes him temporarily immune to damage. Then after a short charge-up period, he will activate one of several attacks. 


Laser: This one is pretty simple, The guardian will fire a beam of concentrated chaos energy at you which will melt your shield and kill you almost instantly (If you don't have a charged undying module).

Your best defense against this attack is to take cover and put one of the crystal pillars between you and the guardian. The beam can destroy end stone but not obsidian.

If you are careful this is also a good chance to take out a crystal by guiding the laser to the top of the pillar. 

You will quickly learn when the guardian is about to use the laser attack as after the initial charge you will hear a secondary charging sound as the laser effect builds up energy.

If you have a friend helping you and you have already destroyed the crystals this is a good time for the person not being targeted to deal some damage to the guardian. 


Gravity Well:

For the following advanced attacks, the guardian fill use the power of the chaos crystal to generate a powerful gravity well that prevents you from flying or leaving the island's bounds. 

This is where the advanced dislocator's blink function can come in handy as it allows you to get around quickly and dodge attacks.


Bombardment: This is a pretty simple attack guardian will lock onto your position and fire a volley of fireballs at you. If you don't get out of the way fast enough you will most likely die.


Multi-stage attack (For lack of a better name): This attack has 4 stages. In the first (and most annoying) stage, the guardian will spawn several guardian withers to soften you up. These are stronger than normal withers and are laser-focused on attacking players.

Once you kill the initial wave of withers the guardian will initiate 3 stages of areal bombardment.

First, he will bombard the perimeter of the island in a circular pattern (So take cover at the center of the island)

Next, he will bombard the center of the island. So go the perimeter and watch out for stray fireballs. 

Then finally he will bombard the entire island with random fireballs. The best way to survive this stage is to be at the perimeter of the island and try to dodge any fireballs heading your way. 

You're probably going to want to have some charged undying modules for this stage.


I will most likely add additional attacks in the future to make things more interesting but for now, this is what you get.


Advanced Dislocator changes: The advanced dislocator now has a "blink" function that allows you to teleport a short distance.

Also optional keybindings for blink, cycle destinations, teleport, and open GUI. 

This is very useful when the dislocator is in a curio slot.


Notes on the chest piece and curio support:

The chart piece is now a curio that can be placed in the "body" slot.

This means you can wear it along with other armor in which case it's specifically designed to render properly on top of the standard vanilla style armor model.

But this may not work too well with custom armor models. There is currently no way to 'hide' the chest piece when it's in a curio slot. 

Also, note the Elytra function of the flight module does not currently work when in a curio slot. I am currently waiting on a forge PR that will let me fix this. 


If you have a question that I did not answer here then, please check the #1-16-questions-answers channel on the Draconic Evolution Discord. If your question has not already been answered then ask. 




Mod Packs: As long as people are not required to pay in order to play your pack or anything like that you can do whatever you want.


Bug reports: https://github.com/brandon3055/Draconic-Evolution/issues

Twitter / Reddit: @brandon3055


Discord: https://discord.gg/e2HBEtF