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Double Hotbar


Double Hotbar

Minecraft mod that expands the HUD and allows hotbar swapping.

- Fully client side! Works on vanilla servers

- Fabric version supports Minecraft 1.17.1 - 1.20.1

      - Requires the Fabric API and Cloth Config API to work

-Forge version supports Minecraft 1.18.2

      - No APIs required



1. Adds another hotbar that displays the third row of the inventory.

2. Switch which hotbar is active by pressing R. (Hotkey can be changed in game settings)

3. Second hotbar can be hidden or changed to a different row in the inventory using the mod config

4. 1.18.2+ ONLY: A single stack can be swapped by double tapping the slot number or by holding the swap key (Default: R)



New HUD:



What the inventory looks like when using the second hotbar:

Inventory when using double hotbar


Note: Fabric-v1.3.0+ requires fabric loader 0.14.9 or greater. If you have an old 1.18.2 instance you may have issues launching due to an outdated fabric loader