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Requires the library mod Collective. 

   This mod is part of The Vanilla Experience.

Double Doors is a minimalistic mod which adds the ability for identical double doors, trapdoors and fence gates to be opened simultaneously. This can be done by clicking any of the (wooden) doors, or via a single pressure plate or button. By default the mod will also find other connected door-type blocks and open those, up to a maximum of 10 blocks away. This can be toggled in the config.

Crouching will disable the double door feature and open/close the single block only.

Configurable: ( how do I configure? )
enableRecursiveOpening (default = true): Whether the recursive opening feature should be enabled. This allows you to for example build a giant door with trapdoors which will all open at the same time, as long as they are connected. The 'recursiveOpeningMaxBlocksDistance' config option determines how far the function should search.
recursiveOpeningMaxBlocksDistance (default = 10, min 1, max 32): How many blocks the recursive function should search when 'enableRecursiveOpening' is enabled.

enableDoors (default = true): When enables, the mod works with double doors.

enableFenceGates (default = true): When enables, the mod works with double fence gates.
enableTrapdoors (default = true): When enables, the mod works with double trapdoors.

enableModIncompatibilityCheck (default = true): Checks if there are other mods loaded with double door functionality. If found, it edits a line in their config to disable double doors. Fixes doors not opening due to code being ran twice.

Works with all the double door configurations, but also recursively with all others!

The Recursive Update (3.0)!
Any connected door-type block will now be found recursively and opened:

By default the recursive function will open blocks 10 blocks away, but this can be changed with the 'recursiveOpeningMaxBlocksDistance' config:


Some more GIFs!
Click on any of the two doors and the other one will open as well:

Open iron doors with a single button, or any other configuration.



Works with trapdoors and fence gates on top of each other, by click or pressure plate/button.



You may freely use this mod in any modpack, as long as the download remains hosted within the CurseForge ecosystem.

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