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This mod adds some compatibility, as well as some opinionated changes, to the mods Good Ending, Quark, Farmer’s Delight, and Environmental. Other than Good Ending, all of these mods are required for the mod to run. 




Good Ending

  • Good Ending cattail patches now spawn Environmental cattails. 
  • Muddy Oak trees and swamp fallen logs now generate willow logs and willow leaves. Environmental willow trees are disabled. 
  • Willow leaves drop Oak Saplings. Grow them on Mud in order to replant willow trees. 
  • Good Ending's Duckweed patches now spawn Environmental's duckweed.
  • GE’s marshy swamps now spawn Environmental’s Marsh villager type.


- When Quark is installed, you will get a Glimmering Weald Slabfish (real)!

Farmer’s Delight

  • You can now put glowshroom on rich soil to grow Glowshroom Colonies. These work as you’d expect. Their textures are done by CrispyTwig. 
  • Comparators fed up to cutting board with a tools carved on them now output a signal proportional to the remaining durability on that tool, instead of just being 15 all the time. 
    • This is not a compatibility feature. I just think it’s neat :P



Dolt Compat also offers some miscellaneous changes to vanilla. All of these features are configurable, and the more ambitious changes are disabled by default. You must manually enable them in the config.

  • Horses with leather horse armor can now walk on top of powdered snow, similar to players wearing leather boots. 
  • Dispensers can now explode creepers with a flint and steel and dye sheep. 
  • Beds no longer have those pesky "Monsters Nearby" or 'To Far Away" requirements. Sleep whenever you want!
  • Killing arthropods using Bane of Arthropods will now cure any poison effects that the player has.
  • Slime chunks are disabled. This is disabled by default. 
  • Dolphins no longer need to breath. This is disabled by default.
  • Christmas chests are now dead. This is disabled by default.



Hope this mod is of help to you!