Doggy Talents Next

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Doggy Talents Next - The next generation of the popular mod Doggy Talents


Immortal Dogs feature is back! It is, however, disabled by default. To enable it for a specific world, go to <That world's dir>/serverconfig/doggytalents-server.toml and set immortal_dogs = true. Bed-respawning is still available regardless of the configuration. For how the behavior works, visit here


New item! Check out the Conducting Bone here


🦴What this mod is about

#Enhancements to the experience of having dogs as companions throughout the game

#Improvements to the dogs' logic, making them more reliable and refined than vanilla Wolves/Dogs

#Talents you can give to your dog to make him a good-er boy!

#Locate your dog with the Radio Colar and the Radar, and never lost track of your dog's location again!

#Revive your dog, allow your dog to rise again from the dead, and never lose your dog permanently again.

#Play Fetch with your dog

#Accessories to provide your dogs some style and make them stand out

#Dog furniture like dog beds and dog bowls

#And much more!


🦴My vision

This mod aims to create #Harmony between the dogs and the player throughout the game. Imagine playing a Piano Concerto, you as the pianist and the dogs as the orchestra. When the two sounds are being played, it creates harmony, which our ears love so much. Thus, the orchestra doesn't overwhelm but empowers the pianist. The mod is and will be designed along that principle. The dogs should accompany the player well while not becoming overpowered in the context. Although when on-demand, sufficient abilities should be granted to them, but, they should be required to work to achieve those. And you, the responsible owner, should help them.


A Note From DashieDev

  • This project's purpose is to continue the development of the beloved mod DoggyTalents, which the current author ProPercivalalb no longer has the time to work on as he emailed me in a commit, which is here.
  • The original concept and implementations belongs to RaustBlackDragon back in 2013, and most of the code still belongs to ProPercivalalb 's DoggyTalents2 repository, while I was copying it over, I make some big changes which involves upgrading the mod to Minecraft's newest version at that time, which is 1.19.2.
  • Also right now, I am currently the only one doing almost everything in this repo (maintaining, developing, wiki editing, coding, feature testing, I do enjoy it because I love this mod but, things will get slow also because I am also working on a big community project too. So I hope that everyone understands if things get a little bit delayed 😅 And if you are interested in helping, feel free to PM me 😊😊
  • EVERYTHING ELSE ASIDE, HAVE FUN WITH THE MOD! â¤ï¸ðŸ¶ðŸ¦´â›ï¸ðŸŽ¹â¤ï¸




Give your dogs some style!😎


Fancy a swim? Take your dog with you too 🥽



Interact with your dogs and train them here 🦴


Visit the "Image" tab of the project for more images 📷





Q: How do I get a dog?

Use a Training Treat on a Tamed Vanilla Wolf, a stick then can be used to access his menu.


Q: How does hunger work?

A dog can a maximum of 120 Hunger points, meat will increase their hunger, and the Happy Eater talent will increase the amount got from these foods and allow them to eat fish and rotten flesh. As long as they have hunger they will slowly regenerate health and when a dog is sitting it will slowly regenerate hunger. If the dog's hunger drops below 11, the dog will beg you for food and his speed will be drastically decreased, at zero, the dog will take damage according to the difficulty the world is in.

Q: Some of the dog textures are missing (black and purple texture)

This is intentional to allow you to add your own textures, add textures to "assets\doggytalents\textures\entity\dog\custom" with the name 'doggytex$NUM$.png'




Check out the Github Wiki for more details, recipes, and pictures!

 Got any issues? Please post all issues and questions on Github! It makes out work a lot easier whenever we can get all of the issues together on the same page!



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