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Do a Barrel Roll is a lightweight, fully clientside mod that changes elytra flight to be more fun and semi-realistic. It achieves this by redesigning movement with a completely unlocked camera orientation in mind, allowing for full pitch, yaw and roll control in flight.

Some subtle and less subtle modifiers are also applied to the camera, including but not limited to smoothing and banking.

On Fabric:

fabric-api cicada


The default controls are as follows, but can be modified:

  • Mouse x axis to roll
  • Mouse y axis to pitch
  • strafe keys (normally A and D) to yaw


The mod can be configured in-game using ModMenu and YACL. Once you install both of these, you can access the config screen by finding the mod in the mods list and pressing the config button.

A wide range of options are available, including custom mouse behavior, elytra activation restrictions and changing values of modifiers like banking, sensitivity and more.

Server-side features

Visual aspects of the mod (playermodel roll in particular) can be synced between clients by installing it on the server-side as well. Everything is still fully compatible with both vanilla clients and servers. All the following configurations are valid:

  • Server with mod, client with mod: visuals are synced
  • Server with mod, client without mod: client can join and play without issues, but can't see visuals
  • Server without mod, client with mod: client can join and play without issues, but can only see their own visuals
  • Server with mod, client 1 with mod, client 2 with mod, client 3 without mod: client 1 and 2 can see each other's visuals, client 3 cannot
  • Server without mod, client 1 with mod, client 2 with mod, client 3 without mod: client 1 and 2 can only see their own visuals


This mod does not actually modify the flight physics themselves, so in most cases it shouldn't trigger anticheat. However, doing things like loop de loops looks to the server like rapid camera movement and may get you flagged. Use at your own risk.


Based on the Cool Elytra Roll mod by Jorbon, specifically it's "realistic mode".

Originally ported to Forge by MehVahdJukaar. Modern Forge port based on Sinytra's multiloader template.

Mod icon by Mizeno.