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(1.6.2) DLC Craft

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This mod was made during the second official ModJam - a 96 hour modding competition


This mod disables many functions, like eating, jumping, ... if you wanna be able to use them, you need to buy the DLC for the function in the DLC Shop
You start with 30 Coins and some DLCs you can buy, you can find others in World Gen Chests and by killing Mobs.
You can get extra Coins from World Gen Chest and taking damage from mobs (Will be tweaked)
You can access the Shop, by right clicking the DLC Shop Item (you can get the DLC Shop Item by right clicking with an empty hand into the air)

If you are in creative mode, you can buy everything without consuming Coins and the shop gets some extra buttons, to buy everything(even if you haven't found the DLC for it), unlock everything, or reset everything to the start configuration.

Every DLC tells you its name, a short desciption, its cost(and if you have enought money to buy it) and if you need to buy something else before you can buy it.

DLC List:

0. Breaking Blocks
1. Breaking Wood
2. Eating
3. Breathing
4. Drinking Potions
5. Using Chests
6. Enchanting
7. Using a Furnace
8. Brewing Potions
9. Mob Drops
10. Axe
11. Sprinting
12. Bow
13. Sword Damage
14. Collect Drops
15. Jump
16. Place Blocks
17. Iron Pickaxe
18. Fishing
19. Feed Animals
10.Trade with Villagers
21. PvP
22. Inventory
23. Buttons and Levers
24. More Coins from Mobs
25. Hopper
26. InGame Coin HUD

If you wanna do some kind of NBT editing or something here are some informations

The mod handels the DLC with diffrent names, than the GUI does, here is a list.


/DLC <player> delet <dlc name> Set the State of an DLC to Unavailible.
/DLC <player> unlock <dlc name> Set the State of an DLC to Availible.
/DLC <player> buy <dlc name> Set the State of an DLC to Bought.
/DLC <player> coinsadd < amount> Gives player Coins.(Or takes them away if you put a - infront of the amount)

The dlc names aren't the ones, you can see in the Shop, here is a list

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(Feel free to make your own video about this mod)

How to install on Windows:

Mods Folder Compatible

Download the Forge Installer for your current version and run it.
(Just watch this video, it explains, how to do that)

Than simply put the DLC Craft zip into you Mods folder, open up Minecraft, select the Forge Profile and run it.

Patch Notes: You can now get Coins from ´mobs by killing them, if they hurt you, you won't get anything


If you know any, please post it in a comment or create a new Ticket