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Divergent Underground is part of a series of mods designed to overhaul and expand on the various crafting areas in Minecraft. 

It's designed to be a middle ground between semi-realism and simplicity and to blend in to Vanilla Minecraft nicely.

This is not a rewrite/knockoff of Improved Extraction as some have said. This mod was in the works months before it was published.

Code license is as posted, but Assets are All Rights Reserved 




Divergent Underground replaces block drops for all naturally generated rocks with an item drop.

This is done to be a little more realistic, as an aesthetic choice, as well as to slightly discourage players from mining huge amounts of ore in one trip by emulating a weight mechanic, without actually implementing a weight mechanic. Players will have to either compress stones into their block form (2x2 recipe), take more trips, build a minecart system, or choose to leave these materials behind in order to prevent their inventory from getting cluttered with rock.

All stones can be crafted into their cobblestone form with a simple 2x2 recipe, and cobblestones are added for andesite, diorite, and granite.


Ores & Gems



In addition to replacing stones, all ore-bearing blocks will have their block drops replaced with an item counterpart for similar reasons. By default, Divergent Evolution will add direct ore item smelting, just like with their ore blocks, but this can be disabled if you wish to change smelting progression or handle ore processing differently. Ore Items are designed to be used with custom recipes to make it easier to handle custom ore processing.

Since gemstones do not come out of the ground shiny and ready for use, their drops have been replaced with uncut versions. (This can be disabled in the config) Uncut gems must be cut using a chisel, and doing so will provide a small amount of experience. This recipe will support any "toolChisel" OreDictionary entry, but a simple chisel has been added as well.

All ore and gem blocks will also drop their expected stones.

Since some mods have specific required uses for actual ore blocks, they can still be obtained with silk touch, or pack developers can add a simple recipe with CraftTweaker.


Stratification, Compression, & Hardness Mechanics


Divergent Underground adds four strata layers to the Minecraft underground. 

What this means is the farther down you go, the darker stones will become. 

This is achieved with overlays and does not add any new textures and will support resource packs.

The colors for each level can be changed in the config, so if you want them red, green, blue, and purple, you could do that I guess.


Each hardness level will slow down your mining speed by some amount. By default this is 0X , 1.5X, 3X,and 5X. If you don't like these values, you can change them in the config file. If you don't like the idea of being slowed down, but would like to keep the graphical changes, you can disable it entirely.  If slowdown is enabled, higher tool tiers will also be required to harvest drops from a block.

Additionally, blocks exposed to air will have their hardness values reduced. This means surface blocks and cave walls will be easy to mine, but strip mining will be highly discouraged until the player has a higher level pick.

Stone can also (optionally) have its' hardness depend on the blocks around it through the compression mechanic. This will randomly look for the blocks around it and update based on how solid they are. This means that stone patches exposed to light or to cave walls will soften over time, after you initially mine their surface layers.

 Slow down and compression mechanics will only affect generated blocks!


Mod Support


If you post a mod suggestion here, I will delete it.

Divergent Underground currently supports ores and gems from the following mods:



As each mod is installed, all Ore items will automatically support any new ore processing mechanic added.

This mod does NOT unify any mod's ores or ingots, nor does it add or change any block textures, or add any ore generation.

Ore and Stone blocks are "wrapped" and replaced in the world with Divergent Underground types.
This means if you have another mod that unifies ore generation, Divergent underground will drop those same types. (If thermal expansion blocks are directed to drop Immersive engineering ores or use IE blocks for ore generation, that will still happen)





The Next module for Divergent Underground will aim to make mining more interesting by adding different hazards. These will include: coal explosions, boulders, falling rubble, unstable stones, and more!

Please leave a suggestion if you have any ideas for hazards as well!

Please leave mod support suggestion is Issues. If you post a mod suggestion here, I will delete it.