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Dishes of Ukraine



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Mod will add a new version of cooking. This means that no more crafting.

This mod will teach you to cook Ukrainian dishes in minecraft.

Now what to cook borsch you will need to prepare the ingredients and take a pan, put on it on the oven and pour water there, then throw the ingredients there. According to this recipe.


  • New interactive food preparation

➡Next Update✅

  • Add New Dishes
  • Add versions: 1.19.3; 1.19.4

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1) Q: Why is it forbidden to translate int russian?

A: You can do it but it will never be included in the official mod. Reasons: personal, I do not intend to talk about them here, if you want to talk about them, then join our social networks.
2) Q: Will there be a port to version "x"?
A: No

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