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Discord Rich Presence Wiki/Serverside Messages



Place the plugin into your servers /server/plugins/ folder and reload/restart the server.

Edit the new file /server/DiscordRPC.cfg to change the message.

Reload/Restart the server again and it should work.


Forge-Installation (1.2+):

Install this mod on the server and restart it. There should now be an DiscordRPC_Server.cfg file in the configs folder. Edit this to your needs and then use /drpcreload in the console.

Note: The serverside part of this mod is still in beta!



The message supports following placeholders:

  • %players%    Displays the total amount of players online
  • %otherpl%    Displays the amount of players excluding the player itself

%dimensionName%  Displays the name of the current Dimension

%dimensionID%        Shows current Dimension ID

%biome%      Shows current Biome Name


Example messages:

  • Playing Bedwars on SERVERNAME with %otherpl% players
  • Having fun on SERVERNAME with %otherpl% others
  • Playing Survival on SERVERNAME (%players% players online)