Discord Rich Presence is currently undergoing a rewrite to support multiple versions of Minecraft. I am aiming to support 1.7.10 - 1.14.

Development builds can be found here


Build 1.2.22 and above have support for creating parties and making join request. However this is still experimental and may result in overal reduced performance in both Minecraft and Discord.


Discord Rich Presence adds Discord integration into Minecraft.

Not only does it show which modpack is being played, it also shows in what dimension you are and whether you are playing singleplayer or multiplayer.

Current features in DiscordRP:
- Show the modpack you are playing
- Show whether you are playing singleplayer or multiplayer
- Show in which dimension you are (Other mods can register dimensions, if not added yet)
- How long you are playing
- A general library for other mods to use Discord's Rich Presence library in Java


Planned features:

- Add support for joining others
- Add more dimensions by default
- Add more customization
- Add server information
- A better way to submit modpack assets (looking at Discord for this one)