A quick and easy solution to get your Discord server and Minecraft server connected!
It features a chatlink between a Discord channel and your server, so even people who aren't currently playing can connect with those who are.


Drop the mod in your mods folder (with Fabric API) and you are nearly set!  Next launch the server.  It will crash.  After this, however, you should have a file named discordconnect.properties in your main server directory.

Simply configure that to your liking, and then start the server.



The configuration file will be as follows:
botToken: Your discord bot token.  This bot does NOT create a discord bot for you, you must do that yourself.

linkChannel: The channel ID of the discord channel you wish the bot to use.
chatLinkActive: Whether you wish for the chat link to be active or not.

discordMessagePrefix + minecraftMessagePrefix:  What you wish messages coming from the server to be prefixed with.  Just toy with them a little bit.
commandPrefix: The command prefix that you would wish to use.
onlineCommand: Enables a command that shows the current online players.