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Dirt Tools and Armor Mod is a simple mod that adds a set of tools and armor made from dirt.

New content

The entire content of the mod is nine new items located in vanilla creative tabs, Tools and Combat. Each item is craftable in survival mode. All the crafts are intuitive, similar to iron, golden or diamond items.

Stats (durability, damage, etc) of dirt items are equal to diamond ones.


  • Dirt Sword
  • Dirt Helmet
  • Dirt Chestplate
  • Dirt Leggings
  • Dirt Boots


  • Dirt Shovel
  • Dirt Hoe
  • Dirt Axe
  • Dirt Pickaxe


  • Hummel009 (idea, code, textures, translations);
  • Kenddie (textures);
  • Elenath (translations);
  • LexManos (armor code in 1.20.6).