Dimensional Pockets

82,651 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 9, 2018 Game Version: 1.7.10

The Dimensional Pocket

This is the Dimensional Pocket itself, and the three items that are also included with the mod. | TOP: Guide to Dimensional Pockets | LEFT: End Crystal | RIGHT: Nether Crystal

BC Quarry 1

The top face of this Dimensional Pocket is set to RF transfer mode, so it can let RF flow in or out of the DP through that face.

BC Quarry 2

This is the inside of the Dimensional Pocket that is powering a BC Quarry. Just some ExtraUtilities EnderGenerators fed with Enderpearls by hoppers.

BC Quarry 3

This is the ceiling inside the pocket. The energy from the generators is transfered through the "Connector" spot you can see here.