Dimension Rules

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In vanilla minecraft gamerules are defined / configured globally, this mod allows you to configure them separately for each dimension. Therefore you can for example disable mob spawns in one dimension but keep it enabled in a different one.


Even after you install this mod by default all dimensions still use the same rules, to change that you have to use the /gameruled command added by this mod. 

  • /gameruled [dimension] list

List the rules and their values that are currently set in the dimension specified, also tells you whether the dimension has seperate (custom) rules or uses the default ones.


  • /gameruled [dimension] get <gamerule>

Returns the value of the gamerule in the dimension.


  • /gameruled [dimension] set <gamerule> <value>

Sets the value of the specified gamerule to the specified value in the specified dimension, if the dimension wasn't using custom rules till now, after using this command it will.


  • /gameruled [dimension] reset

Resets the specified dimensions gamerules to the default ones.


The dimension parameter is optional in every command, if you don't specify it, it will use the dimension the user of the command is currently in. Not all gamerules work perfectly with this mod, for example "commandBlockOutput" does not work due to the way minecraft checks for it. The "default" rules are still modified using the vanilla /gamerule command. This mod is not required client side & is fully functional when only installed on the server.



Feel free to add this mod to your modpack


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