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Not updated anymore. Please see Digital Items 2 for an overhauled successor mod for minecraft versions 1.19.2 and up.


This mod let's you turn item stacks into numbers and back, with one of the computers from CC: Tweaked.


To digitize an item you must follow these steps:

1. Place the computer and the digitizer.

2. (optional if placed directly next to one another) Place one wired modem on each and connect via networking cable. Then right click the 2 modems so they are both red.

3. Use the following lua code to digitize the item stack in the digitizer:
digitizer = peripheral.find("item_digitizer")
itemID = digitizer.digitize()


Then you can save that ID somewhere (perhaps on disk) or send it to another computer with another digitizer, to rematerialize it there.


To rematerialize it again you must call digitizer.rematerialize(itemID).