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Diggus Maximus


Diggus Maximus is a mod for Fabric bringing quick and easy "Vein Mining".

Please be sure to check out all the mods that this mod has been inspired by, EasyExcavate, Ore Excavation, VeinMiner.

A mod created to make mining veins of the same blocks significantly easier. Simply hold the "excavate" key(bound to ~ by default,configurable) while mining a block and all the connected blocks will be mined as well, saving you the time from mining each individually.

Diggus Maximus is highly configurable, featuring:

  • Automatically picking up the mined blocks
  • maximum number of blocks to mine
  • max distance from start block to spread
  • the ability to excavate with your hand
  • Tool durability
  • Player exhaustion
  • A blacklist/whitelist
  • Auto stopping before tool breaks
  • Support for mining BlockTags

Diggus Maximus is required to be installed on both the client, and the server. While playing on a server, the server config will override the clients